An Urgent Message: To any woman over the age of 35. This unusual 30-second ab trick...

"Turns OFF Your
'Menopause Molecules'....

...Revealing A Flatter, Firmer Belly
In ONLY 21 Days From Right Now!"

Best Part? It Works On Even The Most Frustrating, Stubborn Fat (And All WITHOUT Starving Yourself Silly Or Sweating Bullets On The Treadmill) 

Here's a fascinating fat fact:

Did you know that every woman hold the “menopause gene” in her DNA?

It’s a tiny little gene buried deep inside your fat cells. And it just sits there. Doesn’t do anything.

That is, until you turn 35...

Because once you reach the age of 35, your menopause gene instantly switches ON…

And your tummy quickly fills up with ‘menopause molecules’, blowing up your belly like water filling up a balloon.

Piling on stubborn, troublesome belly fat fast.

And did you also know...

For Women Over 35, 'Regular' Exercise Is

You see, exercising the ‘wrong’ way can actually have the reverse effect on your body, dramatically increasing the number of menopause molecules piling up in your belly.

Can you believe it? The MORE you workout, the BIGGER your belly. And it gets worse…

Eventually all this exercise causes your body to get stuck in fat storage mode. Making you unable to burn off even an inch of frustrating fat.

Sound familiar?

This is called ‘menopause belly’. And the harsh truth is:

When It Comes To Losing Belly Fat Over The Age of 35?
Fitness Gurus, Dietitians and Celebrity Trainers
Have Got It All WRONG!

In order to finally (and forever) get the flatter, firmer belly you want:

  • You don't need to suffer grueling workouts...
  • You don't need to pound the treadmill until you're blue in the face...
  • You don't need an expensive gym membership...
  • And you certainly don't need to count calories, diet or starve yourself...

As you read every word on this page, you’ll discover a brand NEW type of bodyweight movement that’s helping hundreds of women over the age of 35 finally and forever melt away that stubborn, troublesome belly fat--for good!

Uncover The Secret To Turning OFF
Malevolent Menopause Molecules...

Then you’ll finally reveal the flat, firm belly lying underneath that stubborn layer of tummy fat.

The key is an unusual type of movement that works WITH your body’s natural fat-burning resources. Unlike so many other diets or workouts, these ‘weird’ movements work in harmony with your body.

That's why you're about to discover is THE SECRET to a toned midsection even if:

  • Your metabolism is BROKEN because you've worked out of dieted too hard in the past and you fear it's beyond repair...
  • You have ZERO time each day to fit in a workout...
  • You'r going through the menopause right now and feel your body is actively plotting AGAINST you...
  • You think you're just TOO FAT for this to work...
  • And even if everything you've tried up 'till now has failed miserably...

The truth is, if you can spare a few minutes each day you can shrink your belly down to a tight, toned midsection.

You don’t even need any gym equipment!

Fair warning: You just can’t find this belly-flattening breakthrough anywhere else. Only right here, right now on this webpage.

Can you imagine waking up in the morning bursting with fresh, new energy?

As you look in the mirror you smile because you’re HAPPY with what you see. The results are showing… your belly is flatter… and you look and FEEL more youthful and radiant. Sound good?

Before we get to that, it’s important you understand WHY so many women over 35 never achieve the body of their dreams. In short? You’ve been LIED to.

AVOID These 3 'Belly Fat Activators' If You
Desire A Flat And Firm Midsection...

Belly Fat Activator #1

Flips ON Your Menopause Molecules Making It Darn Near IMPOSSIBLE
To Lose Belly Fat

Most women think ‘more is better’. The more you exercise, the more fat comes off. It just makes logical sense, right?


The myth of more exercise is a lie, a trap holding you back from ever seeing your flat, firm belly again.

In fact, working out more causes your body to pile on fat at an alarming rate. Why?

Because your menopause molecules trigger your hormones to go haywire and your metabolism slows down to a crawl.

The Flat Belly Answer?

Simple. Quit the long, boring workouts!

If you’re a woman over 35 you need shorter, more carefully designed movements that work in harmony with your body, your menopause molecules and your metabolism.

Keep reading and you’ll uncover a unique type of flat belly movement that flips the switch on your menopause molecules to ‘OFF’, permanently.

Belly Fat Activator #2

Turns OFF Your Belly Fat
Reducing Hormone

Your body has the ability to naturally burn off belly fat.

Yet, certain exercises work AGAINST your body’s natural instinct and STOP the fat from ever leaving your body.

For example, ever tried side-bends, sit-ups or crunches?

These all go against your body’s natural ability to melt stubborn belly fat.

Stop doing them, like, TODAY!

The Flat Belly Answer?

Did you know it’s actually EASIER for a women over 35 to lose belly fat?

It all depends on whether you use THIS unique ab movement... one that matches up closely to your new hormonal state.

In just a second, I’ll show you a new, totally unique form of flat belly movement that kickstarts your body into naturally burning belly fat by turning back ON your belly fat burning hormone. As soon as tonight, if you want.

Belly Fat Activator #3

Wreaks HAVOC On Your Metabolism

Think the fastest way to a flat, firm belly is sweating bullets on the treadmill?

You’ll be relieved to know LESS is more. Yes… no more elliptical training, cardio or aching joints from early morning jogging.

Amazingly, all of these popular exercises work AGAINST your body’s natural fat-burning ability.

Worse still, they weaken your heart, speed up the aging process and result in unsightly ‘skinny fat’ all over your body.

The Flat Belly Answer?

There’s a much smarter way to move around and it tightens and firms your body instead of leaving behind droopy fat (like regular cardio).

In a moment you’ll see how this special exercise CRANKS UP your metabolism, triggering your body to burn off fat automatically.

(Best part? Your body will actually burn fat while you sit on the couch, while you’re taking a bath, heck... Even while you’re asleep!)

Truth Bomb: These 'Belly Fat Activators' Are THE REASON You Still Haven't Got The Lean, Sexy Tummy You Desire And Deserve...

See, it's really NOT your fault, you've just been LIED to (all women have).

What you need instead, is A BRAND NEW APPROACH THAT:


  • Remember… common exercise programs are way too long. And they’re blocking you from the lean, sexy belly you want…
  • If you’re anything like most women over 35 you simply DO NOT have the time to get to the gym…
  • NOW: You can do each one of these belly shrinking sequences in only MINUTES a day…

Allows You To Visibly SEE The Flat And Firm Belly You Desire...

  • These unique movements match up with your hormonal state... Working WITH your body, ridding you of dangerous excess belly fat.
  • Finally delivers the lean, youthful body you’ve always wanted. Clients report they look and feel better than they did in their twenties.
  • Guaranteed to work for you EVEN IF everything you’ve tried up ‘til now has failed...

Results In Just 3, Short Workout Sessions

  • With results you can SEE every single week, a lack of motivation becomes a distant memory…
  • Just imagine how great you’ll feel when you catch your reflection and you look AMAZING. You can’t help but smile!
  • Got an upcoming wedding or social event? What you’re about to learn is PERFECT for hitting that flat belly deadline...

Unleashes Age-Reversing Hormones That Smooth Wrinkles And Thicken Hair And Nails...

  • Triggering the release of anti-aging molecules means you look and feel younger than your years..
  • Causes your body to enhance your youthful appearance while fighting off the ravages of aging (including chronic disease)...
  • These unique movements are THE SECRET of the Hollywood A-list. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow use THESE movements to help turn back the clock on aging…

Triggers A Metabolic Upgrade that Causes Your Body To Burn Fat While You Sleep

  • AVOID ‘boomerang belly fat’ where any pounds you lose fly back onto your body (and bring friends). We’ve all been there haven’t we?
  • You’ll be able to eat anything you want (without feeling the urge to ‘make up for it’ on the treadmill the next day)…
  • Best part: Your new, upgraded metabolism burns off fat 24/7 (even while you’re fast asleep)

The Name Of This Brand New Belly Fat Burning Workout?

Metabolic Surge Training ™

The Ultimate Workout For ANY Busy Woman Sick And Tired of Endless, Ineffective Cardio And Stubborn, Excess Belly Fat

Here’s the secret: Metabolic Surge Training™ slims, tones and flattens your belly faster than you ever thought possible. How?

By triggering ALL 3 of your body’s natural fat-burning systems AT THE SAME TIME.

This isn’t ‘just’ the best way.. It’s THE ONLY WAY for a woman over 35 to burn stubborn belly fat permanently.

As you now know, once your belly is flooded with menopause molecules, traditional workout methods are neutralized. They simply don’t work.

Yet, there’s hope…

When you work WITH your body’s current metabolic state you can burn off belly fat quicker, simpler and easier than even somebody in their early twenties.

This truly is an ‘unfair advantage’ for any woman over the age of 35.

The really cool part? You get amazing results in a QUARTER of the time of traditional workouts--using nothing but your own bodyweight!

That means you stay on track, hit all your goals and finish up with an flat and firm belly your girlfriends will envy.

And it's important you stick with the program because...

No Matter If You're a Complete beginner of Seasoned Veteran of Exercise

All Women Of Any Age Can Get A Bikini Belly!

  • Age isn't an issue
  • Your fitness level isn't an issue
  • Lack of time isn't an issue
  • It's not even an issue if NOTHING has worked before
  • You DON'T need a ton of time
  • You DON'T need to spend money on equipment
  • You DON'Tneed to do dreaded 'cardio'
  • You certainly DON'T need to go on a starvation diet

You'll Be Amazed What Happens AFTER Your 3rd Workout...

That’s the time the REAL belly-flattening magic occurs.

You see, once you’ve completed ALL THREE of the workouts, they combine synergistically to melt away MORE fat from your belly.

Three truly is the magic number.

Clients are often amazed how much belly fat seems to fall away when only working out 3 times a week for minutes at a time.

Without using these 3 rather unusual workouts? You face frustration year after year as the fat continues to cling to your belly. And remember…

  • It's nothing to do with working out harder...
  • It's not because you don't want it BAD enough...
  • You certainly don't lack willpower...
  • The reason is simple: You haven't activated all 3 parts of your natural fat-burning protocol.

Here's how it works:

The PROVEN 3-Step Formula To A Firmer, Tighter Tummy At ANY Age...

  • 1


    First, your body will switch OFF your menopause molecules. The result? You automatically begin to melt away stubborn belly fat. Then…

  • 2


    You’ll turn ON your body’s belly-reducing hormone. That means a tighter, firmer belly is already taking shape. Finally…

  • 3


    You CRANK UP your metabolism, triggering your body to continuously burn fat 72 hours AFTER you workout... even when you’re tucked up in bed.

You see, the BIG problem with most popular workouts today is they ONLY concentrate on Step 3.

They crank up your metabolism to burn more calories.

They totally ignore the fact your out of control hormones are going to push back against that calorie-burn.

And if a workout does take care of your metabolism AND your hormones? It’s still not going to be effective. Why?

Because if you don’t switch off your menopause molecules FIRST, that belly fat is going to cling on for dear life!

Without neutralizing those malicious menopause molecules first, simply burning off calories isn’t going to work.

Sure, you’ll work up a sweat. But will you achieve the flat and firm belly you want? No chance.

How The Heck Do *I* Know So Much About Getting (And Keeping) A Tight 'n' Toned Bikini Belly?

My name’s Shawna Kaminski.

I’ve spent the last 25 years working with thousands of women (just like you) to uncover what it REALLY takes to get the flat, firm belly we all want.

I’ve also had the immense privilege of working alongside the world’s leading anti-aging and fat loss experts. The secrets they kindly shared with me are what helped me design the ONLY fat loss system dedicated to eliminating belly fat for women over the age of 35.

The key is to activate all 3 of your body’s natural fat-burning processes. Beginning by turning OFF your menopause molecules.

Do that and you REALLY CAN have the flat and firm belly you desire.

Candidly, when I realized nobody else was sharing this information? I knew I had to do something about it. I knew women like you deserved to know these secrets.

Because I’ve discovered in my work as a personal trainer, the vast majority of women think there’s NO HOPE of EVER getting a tight and toned tummy after the age of 35.

And that’s just a flat out LIE!

I’ve worked with women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and I’ve seen it happen…

… I’ve watched as that sexy, flat belly appears right before their eyes. It’s wonderful to see their reaction! Getting back the slim, sexy body you thought was long gone triggers so much joy, confidence and self-esteem.

That’s just what happened with Judy. One of the first of my ‘girls’ to experience a flat, firm belly at the age of… wait for it... 47.

Crazy "Bikini Bet" Leads To
Amazing Discovery Of
'Slim Belly System'...

Judy was on the verge of giving up.

About to turn 48, Judy decided she’d NEVER get back the toned tummy she used to have. You see, Judy was working out MORE than ever… yet her belly bulge stubbornly remained.

She was at rock bottom. Feeling like her best years were way behind her. Convinced a lifetime of feeling fat, foggy and fatigued lay ahead.

But I wasn’t giving up on her. Not that easily.

I asked Judy what her goals were. I said “Think BIG Judy!” She replied:

“Well I guess I’d like to sunbathe by the lake in the summer… but that’s not gonna happen with THIS!” And she grabbed a handful of her belly flab.

I said to her “No think BIGGER Judy!” She laughed…

“What do you want me to say Shawna? Want me to say I want to look like a cover model in my bikini?”

We both laughed. But Judy had hit the nail on the head…

I told her:

“Judy, that’s it! That’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to trim down and tone up your belly and get you in a bikini for the summer!”

Judy let out a sarcastic laugh.

“There’s just no way Shawna! I’m way too old for that!”

And that’s when it hit me…

Judy thought it wasn’t possible. She’d never given a voice to her REAL goals because she thought they were impossible.

I said “Judy, let’s make a bet…

“I bet I can get you looking so GOOD on your vacation you won’t EVER want to come home!”

Long story short? I WON that bet. That summer, Judy told me she felt 28 again.

Take a look at her picture. Judy said:

“Shawna, I am so proud of my accomplishments and feel so good about how my belly looks at 48 years old, that I can honestly say it’s better than when I was 28. My husband says I am sexier than ever.”

Isn’t that great? Judy didn’t just have a flat and firm belly. She was glowing with youth and bursting with energy. It was wonderful to see.

(She also told me this was the first time in 20 years her tummy rolls didn’t rub together whenever she bent over to pick something up!)

Now, I’m so proud of Judy. And her success made me realize one thing:

Having a ‘bikini body’ is more than just looking good in a swimsuit. It’s a state of mind. One that says:

“*I* am the one in control of my health, my looks and the way I feel!”

Truly, having a bikini body puts the power back in your hands. You’re no longer at the mercy of aging. You can reclaim your youthful, sexy, trim and toned body.

And that’s why I’m so excited to get this into the hands of as many women like Judy as possible.

Right now, you can use this very same belly-flattening advantage to get the lean, toned midsection you always wanted--FASTER than you ever thought possible.

"I feel so good about how my belly looks at 48 years old"

"My husband says I am sexier than ever."


My Bikini Belly...

For Women Over 35: THE ONLY Workout System
That Tones And Flattens Your Belly By Switching OFF
Your 'Menopause Molecules' WITHOUT Endless Cardio,
Ab Gadgets or Starving Yourself Silly

...And All In Only 21 Days!

My mission is simple: To help 1 million women over the age of 35 get the flat, firm belly they want.

My Bikini Belly is a 21 day bodyweight system with ‘follow along’ videos that you can do in just a few minutes...

… without ANY equipment and without even needing to leave the comfort and privacy of your home.

I’m so excited to be sharing these flat belly secrets with women like you!

PLUS: the program has been specifically designed to work for ANY woman over the age of 35, no matter what your fitness level.

Now YOU TOO Can Get a Flat and Firm Belly
No Matter How Old or Out of Shape You Think You Are!


Take a look at Victoria's and Jody's New Bikini Belly...


"My results are very exciting and have me looking forward to the next workout!"

My results are very exciting and have me looking forward to the next workout! And my workouts are shorter so I have more time in my day to get other things done. I'm so happy to have purchased your program!


"The Workouts Are Never Boring And Really Fast!"

I have managed to regain control of my health and waistline in ways that I know I will be able to sustain. Why? Because the workouts are never boring and really fast. My body has turned into a fat burning machine! So, if you’re looking for a program that WORKS, I am a living testament that with a little bit of your own sweat equity Shawna works wonders!


Presenting: Your 3 Step System To A Flatter,

Firmer Belly (In Just 21 Days From Right Now!)

The ‘magic’ is in the sequencing of the workouts in the My Bikini Belly program.

Each workout has been carefully designed to work WITH your current hormonal state…

… and to turn OFF those pesky menopause molecules, enabling faster, easier fat-burning.

What’s more, the 3 workouts trigger a cumulative effect that means after every 7 days of working out... your metabolism surges… and you’re instantly burning even MORE fat every hour of the day.

Let’s dive into each of the My Bikini Belly workouts…

Workout #1 - The Bikini Belly FLUSH

Melts Away Belly Fat In Less Than 24 Hours By Turning OFF Your Menopause Molecules

These simple, yet ultra-effective mini-workouts are designed to turn OFF the menopause molecules flooding your belly right now.

The result? Your belly fat burns off on autopilot. You'll discover:

  • The secret to 'sequencing' that triggers lower belly fat to melt away...
  • Unique belly fat movements that light a fire under your metabolism to get it burning fat even at rest…
  • How to flood your body’s cells with ‘metabolic messengers’ that help defend against the ravages of aging…

Workout #2 - The Bikini Belly BURN

Turns ON Your 'Lean Belly Hormone', Stripping Away Stubborn Belly Fat While Toning Your Tummy

You'll put to work:

  • How to flood your body’s cells with ‘metabolic messengers’ that help defend against the ravages of aging…
  • A belly fat routine that literally reprograms your hormones to unlock even the most stubborn belly fat…
  • My proprietary ‘metabolic countdown’ method that triggers a flood of anti-aging hormones, combatting the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines…

Workout #3 - The Bikini Belly BLAST --

Cranks UP Your Metabolism Allowing 24/7 Fat Burning (Even At Rest)

Warning: This workout is only effective IF you’ve already performed the first 2 workouts in the sequence.

You'll discover:

  • How to activate thermogenesis, causing your body's metabolism to burn even more fat, even faster...
  • My own, personal ‘beat the belly bloat’ routine which soothes and flattens the bloated look of your tummy…
  • One more, almost genius workout ‘hack’ that activates anti-aging molecules all over your body…

Guaranteed, My Bikini Belly Will Work For You EVEN IF…

You're too busy and there are not enough hours in the day.

I’ve specifically designed these workouts to give maximum results in the minimum amount of time…

You feel too old to have a bikini belly.

Age is just a number. Let me show you why having a bikini belly can make you feel young again…

Your hormones are running haywire

These simple workouts are designed to work in tune with your hormones, reprogramming them to help keep your body slim, slender and sexy...

You think you're out of shape.

Guaranteed, My Bikini Belly will work for you even if your last exercise routine was in the school gym…

You feel like nothing ever works for you.

That may have been true up until now. In a second, you’ll find out why My Bikini Belly works where other workouts have failed. The secret is in swiftly restoring your damaged metabolism and turning OFF those menopause molecules…


You Simply Can't Find These Bikini Belly Secrets Anywhere Else. Only Right Here, Right Now On This Page...

This system is the culmination of my 25 years working alongside the best fitness and anti-aging experts in the world…

… and crafting, honing and perfecting the system with thousands of women over the age of 35, just like you.

In short? My Bikini Belly is totally unique and unrivaled in its ability to zero in on and eliminate stubborn belly fat.

I believe this is THE WAY to get a flat and firm midsection post-age 35. It takes care of your hormonal, metabolic and psychological needs in a way no other system or program can.

And always remember… I GET YOU and I’m with you every step of the way. We’re busy women with families and careers, you and I, and that’s why I’ve designed this program to be the simplest, quickest and easiest route to a toned tummy I’ve ever seen.

"I’m happier, healthier, sleeping better and I feel great."


All of the Workouts are quick and so easy to do at home. I’m happier, healthier, sleeping better and I feel great. Shawna’s knowledge, encouragement, kindness and dedication to me were the key to my success. These workouts truly have been a life altering experience. Thank you Shawna!


WARNING: My Bikini Belly Is NOT For Everyone

I’ll be completely straight with you…

If you’re looking for a quick fix… if you’re looking for a magical cure… if you’re expecting to get a flat and firm belly with ZERO effort on your part…

This is not the program for you.

There’s no getting around it. You’re gonna have to put in some effort, a little work, at least 3 times a week.

But if you’re ready (and I think you are or you would not have even read this far) then My Bikini Belly is THE ONE THING that could make all the difference for you.

"These programs are quick and effective...If you want results look no further than Shawna!"


As a busy mom of two little boys, trainer and busy Bootcamp owner I cannot say enough about Shawna K's program. Her program is top notch and keeps me on my game! She helps me take my training to the next level. These programs are quick and effective. If you want results look no further than Shawna!

Kathe - Louisville

How You Can Put To Work The SAME Flat Belly Secrets My Clients Pay me $400 Per Hour For...

...But At A Fraction Of The Cost

If you were to visit me in my Calgary gym to train with me in person, it would cost a very reasonable $400 per hour for me to design an ab-program for you.

And I’m going to need at least 2 hours to demonstrate everything you need to do.

Yet, I’m sure you and I can both agree that $800 for a complete belly-flattening system you simply cannot get anywhere else is more than fair. $800 to change your life? Seems like a deal to me.

However, you’re not going to have to pay anywhere near that amount today.

I’ve decided to price My Bikini Belly at a very reasonable $47 because I want to get this into the hands of as many women over 35 as possible.

(Keep reading because I’ve got an even better deal for you in just a second.)

First, I want you to know there’s absolutely ZERO risk on your part:


100% Cast Iron 'My Bikini Belly'


Look. If you’re on the fence about giving My Bikini Belly system a try let me say this to you:

You don’t have to decide right now.

With my 100% Money Back Guarantee you can put this system to work for you…

… and THEN decide.

  • The stubborn fat that gets a little larger and thicker year by year…
  • The fading energy and growing fatigue that increases as you get older…
  • The increased risk of chronic disease--alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer…


… then you don’t pay me a penny.

Just drop me a line, I’ll refund every penny of your investment and we’ll part as friends.

That’s how sure I am My Bikini Belly will work for you--no matter how old, out of shape or fed up you are.

Today ONLY: Get My Bikini Belly At 66% OFF 
(Hurry...Strictly Limited Offer)

Like I said, $47 is a fair price for the My Bikini Belly program. That’s a massive saving on the $800 cost of coming to see me in Calgary for a private session.

However, because we ran out of stock of the initial shipment of the DVD sets, I’ve teamed up with my publisher Clickbank to be able to offer you the entire program as a digital download for just...


That’s right! Only $15 gets you the entire program…

… but only when you order right now!

"I now have abdominal muscles that I have never had in my life! My training allows me to think more clearly, I sleep better, I am stronger, I look and feel better."

ReanaSaraceniI noticed the physical changes rather quickly. My muscle tone continues to increase as does my strength and endurance and I now have abdominal muscles that I have never had in my life! My training allows me to think more clearly, I sleep better, I am stronger, I look and feel better. After 20 years of searching for the perfect trainer and program, I finally found something that works for me. Sticking with a program is no longer a problem. What an incredible difference Shawna has made in my life!


Now Is YOUR Time!

Don’t You Deserve A Flat, Sexy Belly You Can Feel Proud Of Each Day? Of Course You Do!

If you’re anything like most of my over 35 clients and customers… you’ve spent a LOT of time concerned about other people.

Your hubby, your kids, heck even your work gets more of your attention than YOU do.

Don’t you think it’s time to look after your body, your health, your soul?

Because having a Bikini Belly is so much MORE than just looking great on the beach… it’s a state of mind that says you CAN have it all. You CAN look stunning in a bikini at ANY AGE.

And the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about...

  • The stubborn fat that gets a little larger and thicker year by year…
  • The fading energy and growing fatigue that increases as you get older…
  • The increased risk of chronic disease--alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer…

This is not what I want for you!

So do it for yourself. Do it for your family and friends. Take this opportunity to make that change and look forward to the next few decades of looking and feeling GREAT.

This is your time. Click the button below and let’s get you started today

Your Price Today: $15


"I started Shawna's workouts and I'm hooked."

I started Shawna's workouts and I'm hooked. I've noticed my strength has dramatically increased, my endurance and stamina has gone through the roof. My physique is more athletic and fit. I recently ran the OC Half Marathon at the last minute with NO training what so ever.

But, since I've been using Shawna's new method I finished the marathon strong, with no issues with my bum knee. Plus I can't wait to run my next marathon as I continue to incorporate Shawna's workouts to my daily routine. I'm hooked!

- Sylvia

Imagine For A Moment...

You wake up in the morning after a deep, rejuvenating sleep and instead of the usual foggy head and sluggish body, you’re leaping out of bed full of energy.

Getting ready in the morning is FUN now. It gives you another chance to appreciate your new bikini belly. You’ve put in the effort and now you’re reaping the rewards.

It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t difficult, it was just a matter of gaining the knowledge and putting it to work FOR you.

And you deserve this.

Looking back, you realize the only reason you didn’t have the body you wanted was because you were being lied to.

Lied to by a diet industry that only wants you to STAY fat and unhappy. Why? So they can serve you up yet another diet program.

It’s a vicious cycle. But now? You’re FREE and ready to show the world!

So right now, do the smart thing. Take back control. Control of the way you look. The way you FEEL each day.

Hit the button below and I can’t wait to welcome you on the other side of this page…

Shawna Kaminski

Your Price Today: $15


 P.S. - That’s me over on the right. Not bad for 52, eh? Listen.. The only reason you don’t have a lean, toned belly is because you’ve been working out all wrong. With my 3-step system you’ll begin to see the cumulative effect FAST. And once that belly fat begins to melt away? There’s no turning back… you’re an official bikini belly sister!

P.P.P.S. Don't forget: if you keep heading down the road you’re currently on, your belly is only going to get thicker. And that can lead to chronic diseases as you age. That stubborn fat around your belly has been proven to lead to alzheimer’s, diabetes and even cancer. Take action now, if not for yourself, then do it for your family.

 P.P.S. - Remember...there’s ZERO RISK right now. Try out my Bikini Belly system for 60 days and THEN decide if it’s for you. If you’re not thrilled with the results, you don’t pay a penny. It’s that simple.

Your Price Today: $15


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I too old for this program?

A. I get this question a lot. Let me be clear… it doesn’t matter if you’re 40, 50, 60 or 70… the reason this program can work for you is because it turns OFF your menopause molecules. And that’s something that only gets MORE important as we age.

Q: What if I just want to lose those last few pounds?

A. Then you’re in the right place! I know how difficult it can be to lose those last few pounds. They’re THE most stubborn aren’t they? Guaranteed, My Bikini Belly will burn off that last few troublesome pounds. Try it and THEN decide.

Q: Does this program work for guys too?

A. Unfortunately no. This program is for women over 35 ONLY. Remember its been adapted to work WITH the hormonal changes in your body so if you’re a guy? You’ll need a different program.

Your Price Today: $15


Q: How much equipment do I need?

A. None! My Bikini Belly has been designed for you to use your bodyweight only. No equipment or gym membership needed. Isn’t that great?

Q: I suffer with rebound weight gain. It happens again and again. Will this program help?

A. Amazingly, yes! I’ve put together the program specifically to combat ‘boomerang’ fat gain. I know how depressing that can be, but you’ll be glad to know once you have that bikini belly, it’s simply a matter of following my maintenance program to keep it.

Q: How long will My Bikini Belly stay at this price?

A. Like I said before, the price you see of $15 is for a limited time only. I can’t honestly say it will still be at that price if you come back later. I encourage you to click on the button below now… there’s zero risk.

Your Price Today: $15


Q: Are there any hidden charges?

A. Absolutely not! You pay $15 one time and get the complete program. You may be offered optional upgrades after your purchase but that’s totally up to you.

Q:  How soon can I get started?

A. That’s the beauty of the internet! You can get going right away. As soon as you fill in your card details on the next page, you’ll be taken to the private members area where you can get access to the entire program immediately.

Q:  What if it just doesn’t work for me?

A. In the highly unlikely event that My Bikini Belly doesn’t deliver the flat belly you want… just drop me a line for a full, no questions asked refund. That’s how sure I am you’re going to be thrilled with the results.

I hope that answers your questions and I can’t wait to see your results. Here’s to a Bikini Belly state of mind!

Your Price Today: $15


Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a "typical" result is.  The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero.  The biggest factor is your ability to follow through.  There is no such thing as a Magic Bullet. Your effort will determine your results.

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