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Mike Geary said this after one email, ‘We did about $16k so far, which is really solid.’

Shaun Hadsell said, ‘So happy for you and your new offer Shawna, great work and a great hook! It’s a crusher ;)’

Tyler Bramlett said this to Mike Geary, ‘Just close your eyes and hit SEND, ASAP, I did 7k on this in the last 12 hours and I think it’s a perfect fit for you.’

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Tyler Bramlett crushed this offer making $20K in 72 hours ($7k in the first 12 hours) by mailing this email below once and then hitting unopens.

(Thanks to Tyler for graciously giving us his email for YOU to kill it with.)


Subject: Menopause Belly 🙁

One of the hardest things for a woman over 35 is the changes that happen to your body when you go through menopause. 🙁 In fact…

I’ve watched how hard it is for my mom to lose belly fat and most of that is due to a hormonal shift that happens in women after 35. 🙁

The good news is…

There is a way to get rid of your menopause belly by avoiding these 3 belly fat triggers…

=> AVOID These 3 Belly Fat Triggers And Get Rid Of Your Menopause Belly…

And just in case this sounds too good to be true, check out all these women who are over 35 and have turned off their menopause switch, melting their belly fat fast…

Ladies… if you’re belly isn’t bikini ready, then make sure you AVOID These 3 Belly Fat Triggers And Get Rid Of Your Menopause Belly FAST!

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From Shaun H to just one of his lists:

Subject Line: Menopause Belly? “…this was also highest converter, highest EPC and highest number of sales.”

Net sales: $10,980.58
EPC: $1.81
Subject Line: Ladies: Your #1 cure for MenopauseNet sales: $5737.18
CVR: 7.73%
EPC: $1.63
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Here’s what you’ll find:

1.) High Conversions – I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Craig Ballantyne, Derek Wahler, the whole ETR team, Tyler Bramlett, as well as everyone else who has helped me test and perfect these Crazy High Converting Swipes.

Now get this…here’s where it gets really crazy…

Craig and the ETR team as well as other super affiliates have mailed out to the offer SEVERAL times since September 2016 (7+).

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The offer is now crushing it HARDER than ever and setting NEW records to:

  • Cold Traffic list
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  • Health Lists

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When you REFRESH the offer, swipes, and flows like I have…you REFRESH your bank account.


I’ve been rigorously working on completely a NEW Upsell flow so if you haven’t mailed for the offer in the last few months, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised ?

You’ll be making more revenue per user than any other time you’ve mailed for the offer in the past ?

You’ll find some cool ninja emailing tactics in the swipes. Once I implemented these simple email hacks outlined, the revenue per subscriber per month DRAMATICALLY increased.

That’s the power of sending the Right message to Right person at the Right time.

You can be using pretty much any email delivery provider and you’ll be successful using the simple/super ninja persuasion email hacks outlined in the swipe file.

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Subject line options:

  • Your thyroid & menopause
  • Menopause & your thyroid
  • Menopause & your belly fat:
  • Your thyroid (for women only…)

If you’re like most women ages 38-59, you’re probably blaming menopause for a whole range of irritating problems, like:

  • increase in belly fat (that will NOT go away)
  • difficulty falling asleep, and staying asleep
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • a frustrating inability to lose weight, no matter how hard you exercise or diet
  • hot flashes

Or, maybe you’re in your 60’s and have been suffering through these issues, and more, for years, and think you’re “stuck”

The truth is that some of these problems might not even be related to menopause at all, and can be fixed with just a few “hacks” to your diet

Click here to discover 5 simple tricks that FIGHT your #1 “hormone imbalance”

You and I both know that menopause is a fact of life, but it does NOT have to destroy the way you look and feel…

… and when you click here you’ll discover the solutions are easier than you think…

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