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Hey there, it’s Shawna again I want to take a second and show you something that could make or break seeing the flat and firm belly you desire. Everyone knows that your results are 80% nutrition and about 20% exercise, right? Well, with the strategic design of the My Bikini Belly workouts it actually balances out to more like 50/50 for women over 35. Still, that's leaving the chance to get DOUBLE your results just sitting there. And that's the exact reason why I've created the PERFECT diet and nutrition system for the women over 35 who want to DOUBLE their flat belly results in only 21 days.

Here’s How ANY Woman Over 35 Can DOUBLE Her Results:

The Bikini Belly Diet combines 3 specialized belly flattening methods that go hand in hand with your Bikini Belly workouts to perfectly match the hormonal changes occurring in your body.

This guarantees that the overall amount of belly fat removed from your midsection in 21 days is DRAMATICALLY increased.

And that's why even women who've never been able to lose belly fat report that once they used these specialized strategies they could visibly see a flatter belly week after week.

In fact, these specialized flat belly diet strategies for women over 35 are so powerful when you combine them with your workouts...

...that your belly fat begins to automatically burn itself off for fuel, which is amazing, seeing that you are experiencing such rapid waist shrinking results while enjoying such delicious foods.

It Doesn't Matter How Old You Are Or How Out Of Shape You Are...These 3 Simple Steps Reveal How ANY Woman Can DOUBLE Her Results In Only 21 Days.

Step #1 - Bikini Belly FLUSH Diet ($27 Value)

DOUBLE Your Results Of Workout #1 With Special Flat Belly Foods That TURN OFF Your Menopause Molecules Even FASTER

Here's just a sample of what you'll discover:

  • Which of the world’s healthiest foods are actually fat loss disasters for women over 35. Visibly “see” you belly shrink in the mirror when you simply avoid these healthy foods that may be hiding in your pantry right now. [NEVER eat these foods,they turn ON Your menopause molecules]
  • The exact foods to eat that instantly unlock your fat cells and force your body to let-go of your trapped belly fat [Eat these foods to get laser focused fat loss results from your midsection]
  • The #1 toxin-fighting foods that quickly flush out excess Menopause Molecules, which prevent women over 35 from ever losing belly fat.

Step #2 - Bikini Belly BURN Diet ($27 Value)

DOUBLE Your Results Of Workout #2 With Special Flat Belly Foods That TURN ON Your Belly Shrinking Hormone Even EASIER

Here's just a sample of what you'll discover:

  • The one natural herbal extract recently proven to send fat fighting enzymes directly into pockets of fat located deep inside your belly . [Add this to your water and drink it right BEFORE you eat lunch to maximize fat burning in your belly]
  • 3 Organic Foods That Cause “Menopause Belly” [AVOID these, they instantly force your stomach to look and feel swollen]
  • Discover unique fat fighting foods that researchers have discovered are able to directly target and break down the fat cells that build up around your belly after you turn 35.

Step #3 - Bikini Belly BLAST Diet ($27 Value)

DOUBLE Your Results Of Workout #3 With Special Flat Belly Foods That TURN UP Your Metabolism Even HIGHER

Here's just a sample of what you'll discover:

  • The #1 liquid your female metabolism CRAVES at night. [Drink this 30 minutes before bed tonight and you’ll literally burn belly fat while you sleep tonight]
  • The ZERO calorie foods that cause an all out assault on your metabolism and blocks your body from releasing belly fat. [Don’t get tricked by these healthy fat storing snacks]
  • How to see the fat FINALLY come off around your lower belly and love handles in the fastest and safest way possible by eating special metabolic foods that send your metabolism soaring. [Works best if done AFTER 6pm]

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The Bikini Belly Fat Flush Cookbook ($27 Value)

The Bikini Belly Fat Flush Cookbook is full of delicious special recipes that automatically cleanse your belly of  toxic build-up, fight deathly inflammation, and destroy fat storing estrogens holding you back from burning belly fat.

Just imagine how effortlessly the weight comes off your belly, just by eating these delicious recipes that rid your body of harmful metabolism-damaging toxins inside your body right now.

The Bikini Belly Blast Cookbook ($27 Value) 

The Bikini Belly Blast Cookbook is full of special mouthwatering recipes that automatically target and break down the fat cells that build up deep inside your belly.

This is perfect if you want to lose that nagging lower belly fat and love handle belly fat.

Can you picture the refreshing feeling of visibly seeing the fat around your belly disappear just from having these amazingly delicious done-for-you belly blast recipes?

The Bikini Belly Desserts Cookbook ($27 Value)

The Bikini Belly Desserts Cookbook is full of simple and guilt free desserts that send your metabolism soaring and accelerate your belly burning results even further.

Simply eat your favorite desserts and send a surge of fat fighting nutrients directly into pockets of fat on your belly!

Not only does this special Bikini Belly desserts cookbook fight off plateaus and force your metabolism to burn more belly fat but it makes the process easy to follow and even enjoyable for a change.

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These Done For You Bikini Belly Meal Plans make seeing a flat and firm belly SO MUCH EASIER!

Each flat belly meal plan is built to perfectly match the instructions inside the Bikini Belly Diet Manuals Meal-By-Meal so that you don’t have to think about anything.

Plus, you’ll be sure not to sabotage all your hard earned workout results by eating the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Imagine actually enjoying what you eat WHILE stripping off more stubborn belly fat with EVERY single meal.

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