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My Bikini Belly 2.0 Phase 2 

Shawna CircleHey there, it’s Shawna, and I know you love the "My Bikini Belly" System! You now have the tools to work with me personally and finally achieve the flat and firm belly you desire.

Now, if you like to have additional variety and intensity of workouts, you're in luck!

Ready to kick it up?

Have you reached the 21 day mark with your My Bikini Belly workouts and are you wondering what the next step is?

  • You need to CHALLENGE your body if you want to CHANGE it!
  • It’s a scientific fact. And it’s not just about making your self sweat more. There has to be structure to your program, otherwise you’re just wasting your time.
  • PhD Jim Stoppani says, ‘You must expose your body to a training style for just long enough to reap the benefits but avoid a nosedive of adaptation. He says, “everything works, but nothing works forever.”
  • Having a large arsenal of training methods to use for short periods and continually cycling them in a systematic order will prevent stagnation and maximize training adaptations. (Kraemer et al. 2003; Marx et al. 2001; Rhea & Alderman 2004; Willoughby 1993)
  • You’ll be SHOCKED at how much more stubborn belly fat these unique and short flat belly movements can melt off your midsection helping you achieve the kind of slim stomach that looks absolutely amazing from all points of view .

BONUS Supersculpt Bikini Belly Workouts Phase 2  ($47 Value)

Are you ready to 'sculpt' your belly?
It’s easier than you think….

Here's the plan...

  • You’re going to add these additional 4-6 minutes to ANY of the My Bikini Belly main workouts and do any of the Super Sculpt workouts as a ‘finisher’.
  • (Don’t worry, even with the Super Sculpt finisher added, your workout would NOT be long enough to elicit a response from the evil belly fat storing hormone, cortisol.)
  • You could also do one of the super sculpt videos on your day off from the main program as well if you want to have a short and sweaty workout on your ‘day off’.
  • These workouts are designed to super charge the metabolism to get an all day calorie burn started as well as tighten and tone the mid section.

Flat belly, here you come with these Supersculpt bonus videos!

  • Discover several never before seen flat belly moves that scorch fat off your belly faster than you ever thought possible.
  • You’ll automatically achieve the perfect amount of firm and attractive definition that you desire so your midsection looks and feels absolutely amazing from all points of view.
  • Use these 5 minute flat belly training sessions on your off day or at the end of your normal Bikini Belly workout to achieve your absolute flattest and most attractive belly possible in only HALF the time.
  • Want to flatten your belly even faster? Use these Supersculpt workouts to see your midsection looking and feeling super slim in even less time.

[WARNING] Due to recent Bikini Belly members reporting losing so much belly fat so fast, I have to include this disclaimer and remind you to only do one Supersculpt workout at the end of a regular My Bikini Belly workout. More workouts are not necessary. You could do up to  two Supersculpt workouts on your day off - that's a total of 12 minutes work. Remember: your body needs rest and recovery as well, so don't fall into the trap of working out TOO much.

  • Don’t discount the use of bodyweight exercises to get you sweaty and the results you want! Use ONLY your bodyweight anytime, anywhere to UP your fitness game.
  • No one has time for marathon workouts that cause increased levels of the fat storing hormone cortisol. That’s why you’ll be DONE and DONE with every My Bikini Belly workout in 20 minutes or less.
  • Only those that really want to get accelerated fitness and fat loss results should consider these My Bikini Belly Phase 2 and Phase 3 workouts.
  • When you shake your exercise plan up, your body has NO choice but to increase its ability to cope. What does this mean? You get a flatter belly, fitter and leaner – FASTER.

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