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Shawna here again...

I want to tell you a little about this next series. First of all, these are NOT available to the general public and ONLY available to YOU, a valued member of the My Bikini Belly community.

I'm giving my BEST to my most loyal clients - YOU - and that's why I created this entire series. This is the NEXT STEP so as your fitness improves, you'll have more of a challenge with this next phase. This is the natural progression because if you don't challenge your body, it won't change. But don't worry - you'll still find the beginner, intermediate and advanced version of each workout.

Join me and my fitness models as we sweat along with you through every rep in every workout.

Don't Make This Menopause Mistake!

We know it’s a scientific fact that it’s not just about making your self sweat more. There has to be structure to your program, otherwise you’re just wasting your time. By following a structured, sequential program you'll get the FASTEST results in the LEAST amount of time without risk of injury!

Keep The Momentum Going!

My Bikini Belly 2.0 Phase 3 Workouts:

  • Are UNDER 30 minutes and require ZERO equipment
  • Help you look, feel, and move years younger
  • Strip off fat from even your most stubborn menopause trouble spots NO MATTER your Age
  • Are just what you need to feel sexy again!


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Now get Supersculpt Bikini Belly Workouts Phase 3 

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My Bikini Belly 2.0 Phase 3 Super Sculpt Workouts:

  • Are 4-6 minutes and can be used as a 'finisher' after your workout OR used on your day off.
  • Will NOT ellicit a surge from the belly fat storing hormone cortisol as you tighten and tone your belly.
  • Will super charge your metabolism to burn off belly fat all day long.
  • Are super short, fun and chock full of signatiure My Bikini Belly moves that get results fast.

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[WARNING] I need to add this again: Due to recent Bikini Belly members reporting losing so much belly fat so fast, I have to include this disclaimer and remind you to only do one Supersculpt workout at the end of a regular My Bikini Belly workout. More workouts are not necessary. You could do up to  two Supersculpt workouts on your day off - that's a total of 12 minutes work. Remember: your body needs rest and recovery as well, so don't fall into the trap of working out TOO much.


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