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A brand new delicious super foods cocktail that makes it EASY for your body to automatically burn off fat… keep your metabolism in peak condition while helping you feel refreshed and bursting with energy everyday.

It does this by nourishing you with a synergistic blend of 11 rare and exotic types of ‘Flat-Belly-Super-Foods’ that help women who become deficient in these nutrients after age 35.

You See Right Now At This Very Moment Your Belly Is CRAVING These 11 Flat Belly Nutrients because when your body is nourished with them:

You See Right Now At This Very Moment Your Belly Is CRAVING These 11 Flat Belly Nutrients because when your body is nourished with them:

  • It’s EASY for your body to automatically burn off belly fat everyday
  • Your female metabolism dramatically increases
  • Your body slows down the aging of skin cells
  • You're bursting full of energy feeling completely alive again and easily able to conquer each day while having energy left over to enjoy your favorite activities.
  • Your mood naturally becomes happier, calmer, and you feel more relaxed
  • Your Brain feels more youthful and remembers things more easily
  • Your Immune system is healthier and better prepared to fight off sickness and disease so you're always at your best for your family and loved ones

When You're Deficient In These Flat Belly Nutrients Like The Majority Of Women Over 35:

  • Your body struggles to off burn belly fat because your metabolism is essentially STARVED
  • You feel lethargic causing you to slog through each day accomplishing less yet feeling so run down and beat up
  • Your skin visibly ages faster (especially your face, neck, and hands)
  • Your movement is restricted because of how achy, painful, and stiff your joints constantly feel
  • Your Brain is foggy as you struggle to remember even the most recent things
  • Your Immune system is weakened and more prone to disease, sickness, and even early death
  • Your bones are weakened, frail, and brittle causing you to feel achy bone pain while dramatically raising your chances of bone fractures and bone diseases like osteoporosis.
  • You’re easily agitated because your constantly feeling anxious and stressed

So What Is This New Delicious Super Foods Cocktail That's Helping Women Flatten Their Belly FASTER In The EASIEST And Most Delicious Way Possible? I'd Like To Introduce You To...


The Answer For Busy Women Who Are Frustrated With Excess Belly Fat That Won't Go Away And Who Are Tired Of Suffering Through Long Boring Workouts With Zero Results.

Why is Organifi The Secret to achieving the flat and firm belly you desire FASTER than you ever imagined possible In The EASIEST And Most Delicious Way Possible?

Because it’s the The ONLY super foods cocktail that I’ve ever found that has perfectly matches your female metabolisms natural 3 step process for burning off belly fat that absolutely MUST be working together in order for women to lose belly fat as they age.

That’s the real secret to Organifi though…the synergy with the My Bikini Belly system you just purchased -- each nutrient working in harmony to create a delicious, belly flattening, immune system-boosting drink like no other.

Organifi truly is the perfect 3-in-1 super foods cocktail for women over 35 who want to see a flat and firm belly…Just LOOK:

Step 1.) Belly FLUSHING Nutrients

These special belly flushing ingredients help to quickly rid your body free of nasty toxins and xenoestrogens that BLOCK women over 35 from burning off belly fat.

Step 2.) Belly BURNING Nutrients

These special belly burning ingredients help you turn ON your belly shrinking hormones that that force your body to melt away stubborn belly fat

Step 3.) Belly BLASTING Nutrients

These special belly blasting ingredients help balance your hormones and turn up your metabolism into high gear creating the perfect environment for your body to start burning off stubborn belly fat rather than piling it on as you age.

If you want to get results even faster and visibly see a flat and firm midsection in less time, then simply drink a refreshing 30 second glass of this delicious super foods cocktail first thing first thing in the morning to immediately send your metabolism soaring while burning belly fat all day.

Simply add a scoop to water, mix it in and drink it down.

The ingredients are farm-fresh and dehydrated to lock in all of nature’s goodness —
the vitamins, the minerals, the antioxidants, the phytonutrients, it’s all right there.

Imagine starting each day knowing that your body is ALREADY nourished with the exact amount of the flat belly super nutrients so you’re bursting with energy, feeling refreshed and burning more belly fat everyday, including:

Flat Belly Superfood #1: Chlorella

First, we’ll travel to South East Asia where a tiny green algae high in protein and polyunsaturated fats is grown. 

Chlorella is often called nature’s ultimate multivitamin. 

It’s so packed full of nutrition that ingesting Chlorella can dramatically help eliminate food cravings. 

You see, cravings are nothing more than your body begging for nutrition. 

So when you replace nutritionally empty foods with a powerful super food like Chlorella you instantly feel more nourished, content and satisfied. 

It gets even better... 

In one Japanese study, Chlorella was shown to dramatically reduce body fat thanks to its ability to boost metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity.

Flat Belly Superfood #2: Moringa

Now let’s travel to the foot of the Himalayas. It’s here you’ll find the Moringa tree. Otherwise known as ‘The Tree Of Immortality’. 

Moringa leaves contain several thousand times more of the powerful nutrient zeatin than any other known plant, In other words? Moringa is an anti-aging powerhouse.5 

Zeatin is part of a family of plant hormones known as cytokinins. Now, cytokinins boost cellular growth and slow the aging process.

Acting very much like antioxidants, cytokinins work by causing cells to divide faster than old cells die. The result? Fresher, more youthful skin cells, less wrinkles and a slowing of the aging process.

Flat Belly Superfood #3: Spirulina

Our 3rd Flat Belly Nutrient was first discovered by the Aztecs in Central America. Like Chlorella, Spirulina is considered one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. And that means it crushes your cravings and helps you stay away from health-crippling junk food. 

Spirulina has been found to increase fat burning through exercise and studies have also shown it can be beneficial if you’re concerned about cancer… allergies… high cholesterol… high blood sugar and cardiovascular disease. 

Now, no food can treat any of these conditions. However, there is no doubt that high quality nutrition supports natural health and healing. 

Here’s an amazing fact... Spirulina is so nutritionally dense that NASA and The European Space Agency are researching the benefits of incorporating spirulina into astronauts’ diets aboard spaceships and on Mars.

Flat Belly Superfood #4: Mint

So with Ashwagandha (see Superfood #11), Chlorella, Moringa and Spirulina your body is feeling full, satisfied and cravings are a thing of the past… your stress levels are subsiding helping your body to burn off stubborn belly fat... AND your skin is beginning to look younger by the day. 

To this fat-burning, youth-enhancing cocktail we add Flat Belly Nutrient #4: mint. 

Mint doesn’t just work to keep your breath fresh… it also has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any food. 

And just like Ashwagandha, it’s a calming and soothing herb used for thousands of years to help with upset stomachs and indigestion. 

No doubt you’re beginning to see why Organifi is a juice like no other...

Flat Belly Superfood #5: Beets

Now we fly along the coastline of North Africa, Asia and Europe to find a prehistoric vegetable that contains a variety of unique health-boosting nutrients. Nutrients you likely aren’t getting elsewhere. 

Beets are Flat Belly nutrient #5 because they detoxify and purify your blood and liver. 

They contain no cholesterol and very few calories so they’re an awesome addition to a weight loss routine. One study in the UK found that beets enable us to exercise for longer by helping muscle oxygenation.

Flat Belly Superfood #6: Matcha Green Tea

And now, the favorite beverage of Japanese monks makes for our sixth Powerhouse nutrient.

Matcha Green Tea again helps to lower stress… and that belly-bulging cortisol that goes along with it… thanks to the antioxidant ECGG.

Now, ECGG not only lowers stress but balances your hormones and lowers your appetite. Studies have found Matcha Green Tea contains 100 times more ECGG than any other tea on the market.

Amazingly, Matcha is being used right now to create new therapies for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.


Powerhouse Nutrient #7: Wheatgrass

From Japan we fly across to Egypt and find a superfood worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians. 

Wheatgrass is widely understood to be the best superfood for rejuvenating aging cells. It promotes a healthy aging process because it cleanses the blood, helping to rejuvenate aging cells and tighten loose and sagging skin.

Flat Belly Nutrient #8: Tumeric

Now let’s head back to India where we’ll locate a spice used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb. 

Turmeric is Powerhouse Nutrient #8. It’s the spice that gives curry its yellow colour. 

Recently, science has started to back up what the Indians have known for a long time… tumeric really does contain compounds with medicinal properties. 

One study found that consumption of curcumin (a compound found within tumeric) directly decreased levels of insulin resistance and leptin resistance — two factors heavily linked to fat gain

More than 13 other peer-reviewed studies also reached similar conclusions, finding that turmeric intake is directly associated with increased healthy fat loss and decreased insulin issues.

Flat Belly Superfood #9: Lemon

Now let’s take a trip to the sunny lemon groves of Italy. It’s amazing how often we overlook the humble citrus fruit. 

Lemon, our 9th powerhouse nutrient cools and alkalizes the body. Something that is crucial for fighting disease and stabilizing your blood-sugar.

Flat Belly Superfood #10: Coconut Water

Our 10th Flat Belly nutrient, Coconut Water helps bind all the ingredients in Organifi together, transporting them through your system. It actually helps your body absorb all the nutrients. Like I always say “"You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb." 

Plus, coconut water is high in potassium and helps flush out toxins from your kidneys.

Flat Belly Superfood #11: Ashwagandha

Finally of course, we have Ashwagandha. Flat Belly nutrient #11 is my personal favorite. 

The best being its ability to free your body from cortisol and erasing stubborn belly fat.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. That means it’s one of a unique group of herbs that actually help strengthen your body’s adrenal system. 

Meaning it works to restore your body’s natural balance. Soothing away stress and re-balancing out of whack hormones.

Now, here’s the part I know you’re gonna love

Because Ashwagandha reduces cortisol, your stress hormone (which as numerous studies have shown can cause your body to hold onto belly fat…3) 

… you’ll quickly find unwanted fat melts away rapidly.

Bottom line? Ashwagandha makes you feel GREAT… and your effortlessly slips your body into fat-burning mode instead of fat-gaining mode.

Yet Ashwagandha doesn’t JUST help lower your cortisol and trigger your body to burn off stubborn, ugly fat.

It’s been used to improve memory and cognition too.

Researcher’s at the National Brain Research Center have conducted at least two clinical studies on mice that suggest Ashwagandha may reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease, specifically its effect on the sufferer’s memory and cognitive abilities.

And its been found to lift depression and anxiety leaving you to enjoy deep, restful sleep and an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

That's A Total Of 11 Powerful Flat Belly Ingredients, Each Formulated To The Perfect Dose So ANY Woman Over 35 Can Flatten Her Belly FASTER In The EASIEST And Most Delicious Way Possible At ANY age.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…”Okay, but nothing this good for my body could possibly taste great, right?

Let me tell you…The taste of Organifi Is Spectacular.

We worked hard to finding the best-tasting flat belly superfood drink out there.

Let’s face it. Many people either give up or can’t face getting started with a green juice regimen because of the taste. And who can blame them? A mouthful of wet grass is simply not pleasant.

Now you can look forward to drinking a glass of cool, refreshing Organifi juice each day. And the locked-in super-nutrients will take care of the rest.

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